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Lublin-based manufacturer leads in tractor industry

Ursus is the only tractor manufacturer with a nearly sixty-percent increase in the number of tractors registered in Poland in the period between January and November 2016. Both Ursus headquarters and production plant are located in Lublin.

Analyses based on data acquired from Central Vehicle Register and conducted by Polish Automotive Industry Association show that in 2016, unlike its competitors suffering from double-digit drop is sales, Ursus has recorded significant increase in the sales volume.

Since the early 2016, Ursus has been the only manufacturer to record increase in sales of new tractors, standing at 60%. Conversely, other producers that are ranked among top ten tractor makers have recorded substantial drops.  Moreover, according to data collected by Martin&Jacob agency, in November 2016, Ursus ranked second in terms of the number of new tractors being registered.

Additionally, in the period of January – November 2016, the company also recorded an increase of 7.08% in the total number of registered vehicles, including tractors, when compared to the same period in 2015.  Only in November 2016, the share was 11.58%. In one year, company’s performance ranked Ursus seventh in terms of the total number of vehicles being registered.

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