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Lublin companies honoured with Forbes Diamonds

Forbes, a prestigious business magazine in Poland, has recently released its annual 'Forbes Diamonds' ranking, spotlighting the fastest-growing companies that have significantly contributed to the Polish economy over the past three years. The ranking enjoys a reputation as one of the most accurate and reliable on the market.

In the Lubelskie region, a total of 559 companies received recognition, with a significant number headquartered in Lublin, boasting 221 of the honored firms. Due to the region’s agricultural nature, many of the distinguished laureates specialize in industrial plant cultivation as well as fruit and vegetable production. However, Lublin’s economic landscape extends beyond agriculture. The investment climate of the city, along with a dynamic market for office space, fosters the growth of the modern services sector, intelligent networks, and ICT. Additionally, the economic traditions of Lublin and the geographical conditions of the region contribute to the development of the automotive industry, logistics, the chemical industry, and food processing. The medical sector also operates dynamically in our city.

A significant asset of Lublin that attracts investors from various industries is its human capital. There are nine private and public universities and colleges offering a comprehensive range of academic courses that educate 58,523 individuals with solid knowledge in various fields. This translates into a large resource pool of highly skilled staff, making the region attractive to investors seeking a workforce with the skills they are searching for.

In the 16th edition of the ranking, the editorial staff of Forbes and Dun & Bradstreet Poland evaluated parameters such as sales level, net profit, and the value of capital expenditures. The ranking perfectly reflects the trends in the domestic economy. Companies were categorized based on revenue levels, with distinctions drawn between those generating PLN 5-50 million, 50-250 million PLN, and over PLN 250 million.

  • In the category of large companies with revenues over PLN 250 million, Lubelskie boasts 31 Forbes Diamonds, with Bempresa leading the pack. The company, with PLN 27.96 million in net profit and PLN 302.54 million in sales level, secured not only first place in the Lublin region but also the 8th position on the national list.
  • For medium-sized companies with revenues between PLN 50 million and PLN 250 million, Lubelskie features 134 Forbes Diamonds, including 48 from Lublin. The highest score in our city goes to TREEDEN GROUP sp. z o.o., which was ranked 6th on the regional list and 41st nationally.
  • In the small companies category, with revenues ranging from PLN 5 million to PLN 50 million, Lubelskie has a total of 394 Forbes Diamonds, out of which 159 are from Lublin. INPL GROUP sp. z o.o. emerges as the top performer in Lublin, ranking 2nd regionally and 85th nationally.

Kudos and heartfelt congratulations to all the honored companies for their remarkable achievements! The recognition of Forbes Diamonds underscores the strong market positioning of these companies and undoubtedly enhances the positive perception of Lublin’s economy.

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