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Lublin in the fast lane to the future – 2020 road improvement overview

Start of construction works on Racławickie Avenue, improvements to bus infrastructure, new junction schemes, construction and repairs of roads and pavements of a total length of over 21 km, plus about 50 road improvement schemes in districts and projects under the Civic Budget. This is the balance of road investments completed in 2020. Their total value exceeds PLN 100 million.
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2020 was difficult and dominated by the epidemic, which made us review the city’s investment plans. However, despite the challenges and the need to search for savings, we managed to complete most of the planned and already launched road projects. We’ve started improvements on the city’s main artery – Racławickie Avenue. Last year was also marked by the beginning of the construction of the Metropolitan Railway Station. The contract signed in December opens the execution phase of this largest municipal investment. As part of the ongoing maintenance of roads, repairs were also carried out in the streets of Lublin. 2020 also saw the implementation of residents’ ideas on road infrastructure submitted under the Civic Budget – says Artur Szymczyk, Deputy Mayor of Lublin for Investment and Development.

A key investment of the city launched in 2020 was definitely the reconstruction of Racławickie Avenue along with adjacent streets. At the end of the year, the progress of the works was 55% and their value was PLN 46 million. Within eight months, demolition works and activities related to underground infrastructure were completed. The works have already been completed on Długosza, Legionowa, Spadochroniarzy, Łopacińskiego and on a section of Racławickie Av from Legionowa to Lipowa of a total length of 1,400 m. Moreover, bus bays, cycle track, and new gas infrastructure along this section of the road were built too. Works on storm water drainage is also in its final stage. It is already completed in more than 84% – almost 5,100 m of sewers have been made. In place of the old trolleybus traction infrastructure, 134 foundations for the new traction were made and 110 poles were erected, on which 210 lighting lamps were mounted. The underground infrastructure for the traffic lights is now complete, as are some of the foundations for new signals. The reconstruction of Racławickie Avenue is due to complete in June this year. The whole project will cost over PLN 100 million, 85% of which will be co-financed by European Union funds.

Bus stops are an important element of urban space and public transport. Their functionality, condition and aesthetics determine how public transport is perceived. They are also one of the factors that influence the choice of public transport by residents. Therefore, the city has decided to continue the project of modernisation of the bus stop infrastructure. Last year, the construction of complexes of transfer stops was completed. These are places that connect city and local transport, facilitating travel between Lublin and neighbouring municipalities. As part of the investment, selected locations in the city received 14 new bus shelters, 9 dynamic passenger information displays with mobile device chargers and 138 bicycle racks. There were also upgrades to pedestrian facilities – bus stops were equipped with a guidance system for people with disabilities, kerbs have been dropped, and special indicator and directional signs have been installed. In addition, the stops are illuminated and equipped with surveillance cameras. New interchanges were built on Związkowa, in the vicinity of Dmowskiego roundabout, on Turystyczna by the the railway station Lublin-Zadebie, near the Central Railway Station on Kunickiego and in the area of Mickiewicza. What is more, the city launched several projects for the needs of the Lublin Functional Area. Last year, the construction of interchanges was started on Zbożowa, Żeglarska and Franczaka Lalka. At the end of the year, construction works also began on Granitowa Street and Kraśnicka Avenue. The first one is due to complete by the end of Q2 2021. The total value of the project will amount to over PLN 62 million. Almost 85% will be financed by European Union.

Apart from the investments co-financed by European funds, the city has also implemented tasks with its own resources. One of the most important road investments was the completion of the reconstruction of Kalinowszczyzna Street, which resulted in resurfacing 1,200 m of road, brand new pavements and a cycle track of over 2,400. The project also included a storm water drainage system, a water supply system as well as electrical and teletechnical works. The road also received a new lighting system. The value of the completed investment is almost PLN 14.5 million.

The city was also granted over PLN 7.5 million from the Local Investment Fund for the implementation of road projects. Together with the construction of the largest and most modern school in the city, namely School Complex No. 13 on Berylowa Street, the access roads to the new school and kindergarten were delivered too. Construction works on Biskupińska and Szafranowa were also backed with funding from the same fund.

2020 was also marked by resurfacing of Lublin’s streets, including over 700 m of Nałęczowska Street. Repair works were also carried out on Bema, Nadrzeczna on the section from Rejtana to Tuwima and Robotnicza on the section from Wilcza to Mickiewicza. The cost of the works amounted to almost PLN 1.2 million. Road improvement schemes were also carried out with funding from the special reserve of district councils. About 50 different road works were delivered for a total of PLN 1.7 million. Last year, 8 projects submitted under the 6th edition of Civic Budget were implemented for a total value of over PLN 2.9 million. In addition, work on project documentation was completed for three projects.

In 2020, project documentation was prepared and accepted for the upgrade of streets like Zorza, Romera, Sławinek and Wapowskiego. Project documentation for the renovation of the pedestrian bridge over Filaretów Street was also drawn up. This year, design works are underway, among others, for the construction of Zelwerowicza, Zamenhofa, Kruszynowa, Berylowa on the section from Kryształowa to Jantarowa, extension of Montażowa or construction of a pavement on Pszczela. Design works are also performed for the repairs of bridges on Unii Lubelskiej Avenue and Żeglarska Street, which will be carried out along with resurfacing of these roads.

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