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Lublin is the cleanest city in Poland!

Lublin is proud to provide its residents with an exceptional quality of life. It was proven in the latest PwC's 'Report on Polish metropolises' in 2015. Now Lublin has been announced the cleanest city in Poland by otodom in its #siężyje (#youlive) Ranking.

Among the 10 largest Polish cities, Lublin was ranked first in the ‘clean surroundings’ category. A clean city has not only neat and tidy streets, pavements and parks, but also is free of advertising or vulgarity on the walls of buildings as well as has clean air. In a place like this, you live better, healthier and more comfortable. Lublin received a 5.43 rating from the inhabitants on a seven-level scale – the highest of the 10 largest cities in Poland and higher than the national average (5.37).

Recycling in Lublin
In Lublin, a rationalised policy of municipal waste management and residents education has been implemented a long time ago. – The main objective is to increase recovery and recycling, discourage from the creation of wild dumps and the burning of waste in the furnaces. The communal collection system is very well appreciated and accepted, as evidenced by the year-on-year indicators of selectively collected waste. We have built such an effective waste collection system that the temptation to throw out garbage in the public space has been minimised – says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin. – A number of cleaned landfills is also a sign of the fact that the city is doing well: only in 2016, 525 were liquidated. This year, cleanup has already started and we fewer landfills than a year ago has been found now. The city also encourages to report places that require clearing.

Exchange cans and bottles for headphones
There are also interesting initiatives in Lublin that support cleanliness and environmental protection. Those who return PET cans and PET bottles to the special machine will receive receipts with a specified number of points. This leaves less waste to the dump, and residents can exchange points for city branded gifts such as headphones, cups, umbrellas, notepads and beach balls.

Lublin in the #siężyje Ranking
Lublin achieved very high results in each of the previously published Ranking sections. Apart from the highest place in the category of ‘cleanliness’, Lublin also took 2nd place in the category of ‘safety’, 3rd place in the ‘well-maintained surroundings’ category and 9th place with the rating of 5.71 – significantly higher than the national average of 5.2 – in the categoty of ‘commuting’.

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