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Lublin Metropolitan Station: On track to welcome passengers in the beginning of 2024

The construction of the Metropolitan Station in Lublin, which is part of the Integrated Communication Center, has been completed and the inspections of one of the most environmentally friendly facilities of its kind in Poland are currently underway.

The new Metropolitan Station in Lublin will undoubtedly become one of the city’s landmarks. Recognized by Polish and international architectural communities, the facility is one of the most eco-friendly stations in Poland. Located in the central part of the city, along with its accompanying infrastructure, it will serve as a transportation hub connecting urban, regional, and national transportation. The project’s developer has already completed all construction work, allowing for the commencement of inspections. The first passengers will be able to use the new Metropolitan Station at the beginning of 2024.

A 21st-century Station The new Metropolitan Station in Lublin is being built in the central part of the city, adjacent to the historic 19th-century building of the Lublin Main Railway Station (PKP Lublin Główny). The Metropolitan Station itself is the main element of the Integrated Communication Center, a comprehensive infrastructure project aimed at connecting metropolitan, regional, and national transportation. Therefore, the project had to propose optimal and functional traffic management solutions while also fitting into the historical architectural and urban context of the location.

The concept was developed by architects from the renowned Polish firm Tremend, known for their work on projects such as the Łódź Fabryczna Station. The concept’s authors proposed a simple, modernist structure, which was intended to contrast with the eclectic, historic form of the PKP Station while avoiding direct competition. The architectural character is defined by the distinctive lattice pillars, which are part of the station’s steel structure and platform roofing and also serve a decorative purpose. Their linear and somewhat organic forms may remind viewers of grapevines, one of Lublin’s symbols, and create a sense of lightness for the entire structure. The project uses materials like glass and stainless steel.

In addition to the Metropolitan Station building, the project includes platforms with stops for urban and regional bus transportation, an underground parking facility for cars, taxi stands, and bike racks. The design also includes a rooftop garden for users. The project involves the modernization of the city square and the surrounding green areas and the creation of a new road system to improve traffic flow.

For years, minimizing the environmental footprint has been a priority for architects at Tremend, so the Lublin Metropolitan Station was designed as one of the most eco-friendly facilities of its kind in Poland. The project meets the highest standards for sustainable development. The “box in box” structure and eco-friendly parameters of the glass facades reduce energy consumption. Concrete, one of the main building materials, has low emissions. There’s a nearly 300-square-meter external vertical garden. The use of greywater systems allows rainwater to be used for toilet flushing and maintaining greenery. Environmental benefits also include features like heat recovery ventilation up to 80%, natural ventilation for the underground garage, and atrium-style openings that support air circulation. Passenger spaces are designed with radiant heating and cooling powered by a cascade of heat pumps using 42 boreholes.

The roofing for the 43 bus stop shelters consists of transparent glass panels embedded with photovoltaic cells, serving a dual purpose of shading against the sun and providing energy for the station’s operations. Efficient energy utilization is ensured through individual temperature adjustments and time automation for heating and ventilation systems. Smart power management is also evident in reduced building and neighbourhood illumination and the use of energy-efficient lighting sources. Additionally, anti-smog pavement tiles contribute to air pollution reduction.

Internationally Recognized Project Even before its official opening, the Tremend design for the Metropolitan Station was recognized by the Polish and international architectural communities. In 2019, the Metropolitan Station made the shortlist for the World Building of The Year award in the Infrastructure category, presented at the World Architecture Festival. In 2020, it received the prestigious Real Estate Impactor award from the “Rzeczpospolita” newspaper for Innovative Space Design. In 2022, it was honoured in the PLGBC Green Building Awards in the category of Best Eco-friendly Project.


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