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Lublin named the European Youth Capital 2023!

Lublin is the first ever Polish city to become the European Youth Capital. In the annual contest organised by the European Youth Forum, Lublin was recognized for its energy and inspirational ideas of young people. The city secured the title after being shortlisted along with Beia Mare and Kazan.
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The final application was a result of several months of works, conversations, exchange of inspirations and ideas of a team that was strongly and professionally engaged in this important project (…). This consultation process itself introduces positive changes and new opportunities, encourages active participation, promotes volunteering, enhances diversity and integration, gives a boost to youth organisations and connects young people, says Beata Stepaniuk – Kuśmierzak, Deputy Mayor of Lublin.

The application submitted by Lublin focuses on three areas: The City for YouthYouth for the City and Youth and the City. The first one covers a wide range of activities designed by the city for young people. The second area is about projects and initiatives created and carried out by young people, youth organisations and volunteers, whereas the last area is focused on the collaboration and partnership between the city and youth to deliver a great number of actions and programmes. The 2021-2023 budget for initiatives under the European Youth Capital in the city will amount to about PLN 27 million, including PLN 13 million in 2021 alone. Lublin will become a stage for 73 big events, festivals, activities around sports, culture, education and youth participation.

This huge success, activities and events will help build Lublin’s image as a youth-friendly place and better involve young people in co-deciding about the city’s growth. This, in turn, will translate into growing a metropolis that better understands and meets expectations of young people, makes their voice heard, encourages them to stay in the city and start professional careers here. Because Lublin is #YOUth!

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