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Lublin on Regional Congress 2016

The way of communicating with investors, city's features which attract businesses, as well as metamorphosis which the urban space has gone through - Lublin's experiences in these fields were presented on the 7th Regional Congress.

Regional Congress is the largest annual conference where representatives of local government units meet and discuss the most important issues pertaining to the functions of cities, municipalities, districts, and provinces. This year, over one thousand representatives of Polish local government bodies attended the congress held on 26-27 September in Wrocław. Lublin was represented by the Mayor of Lublin, Krzysztof Żuk and Mariusz Sagan, the Head of the Strategy and Investor Relations Department.

A significant part of the event was dedicated not only to strategies of making cities more attractive to businesses, partners, and investors but also to supporting local business initiatives. On the conference, the latest ranking produced by Forbes was presented in which Lublin ranked among large investor-friendly cities. Since Lublin has the lowest number of bankruptcies of companies within the biggest Polish cities, it can be confirmed that the city provides favourable conditions and environment for running businesses. What was also appreciated was the system of establishing and fostering relations with investors, which was presented by Mariusz Sagan, Ph.D., in the introduction to discussion on city’s business communication.

Krzysztof Żuk, the Mayor of Lublin, received the “Metamorphosis of my Region. Before and After” award. The winner was “Theme Backyards – Let’s Transform Dziesiąta District” project, implemented as part of the Civic Budget for 2015. Together with businessmen, NGOs, and individuals involved in various activities we are transforming our city with for our residents. Lublin is inhabited by highly active citizens. I am glad that the “Theme Backyards” project submitted and implemented by organizers of cultural activities in cooperation with the residents of Dziesiąta District was positively evaluated in Poland – said Krzysztof Żuk.

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