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Lublin reaches long-term lease agreement with the goal to develop Lublin Football Academy

The City of Lublin and Lublin Football Academy have signed an agreement to lease city-owned property at Krochmalna and Przeskok streets. The area of over 11 hectares is earmarked for the construction and operation of a modern training facility, which was approved last year by the City Council. The deal ends several months of negotiations aimed at securing the city's interests.
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The agreement launches the execution phase of the project. I am glad that a modern sports complex will be built in Lublin to provide playing facilities for our community, especially children and youth. Professional athletes will also benefit from the new infrastructure. Earmarking this land for sporting purposes completes the planned development of the site, which will have three major elements – a new speedway stadium, equestrian areas and facilities of Lublin Football Academy. I wish the best of luck to the investor. Together with the citizens of Lublin, I am looking forward to the first football pitches to be delivered this year – says Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk.

On the land located in the vicinity of Krochmalna and Przeskok, the investor plans to build a modern sports facility primarily for children and youth. The investment will include, among other things, construction of seven football pitches, including two with artificial turf and one or two covered full-sized synthetic pitches for all-weather use. A three-storey building of Lublin Football Academy will feature training facilities and rooms for young academy players, as well as staff offices. The building will also house a gym, rooms for physiotherapy and recovery, as well as a dining area. The project also foresees the construction of road and parking infrastructure and the development of leisure facilities. The sports complex will provide an exciting environment to nurture the best footballing talent from the region to help build high-performance teams, but also allow our children and youth to flourish on and of the pitch. As part of the project, a sports hall will be also built to provide a training facility not only for footballers, but also for other athletes, for instance handball players.

The investment schedule sets out that the first stage of the project will be completed by the end of September this year, while the entire investment is due to complete by October 31, 2022. The first stage includes the construction of 4 football pitches equipped with drainage, irrigation and sprinkler systems, fencing (plus surface heating systems for two of the pitches) as well as footpaths and roads. For this part of works, the investor has already received a building permit. The second stage, in turn, involves the construction of the remaining 3 football pitches with accompanying infrastructure, a training facility with a sports hall and a technical building, as well as roads, car parks and leisure areas.

The agreement provides for a net monthly rent of PLN 4,600, which will apply for the entire contractual period of 30 years. This rate is within the amounts recommended by the real estate appraiser and is subject to adjustment by the inflation rate. The deposit securing the conclusion of the agreement was set at PLN 20,000 and the value of the contractual penalty sits at PLN 500,000 if the first stage of the investment is not completed for reasons attributable to the lessee. The agreement also sets out that the Lublin Municipality will be free to take over the investments carried out by the lessee under the agreement after its expiry. The City of Lublin has also the right to use the completed facilities on preferential terms by making them available to school children. The detailed terms of this obligation will be set out in a separate agreement to be signed once the investment is completed.

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