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Lublin tops chart in traffic flow for drivers

Lublin ranks as the best city for drivers in terms of smooth traffic flow, according to the Driver-Friendly Cities ranking conducted jointly by Oponeo, a tire distribution company, and Yanosik, a mobile navigation app. The study considered various factors, including parking, collisions, fuel prices, travel speed, tire costs, insurance, eco-driving, and car-sharing.

The data clearly demonstrates a significant advantage of Lublin, which has maintained a strong leadership position for years, in its seamless traffic movement. In comparison to other cities in the ranking with populations exceeding 300,000, such as Wrocław or Krakow, which struggle with heavy traffic congestion, Lublin stands out for having the fastest-paced vehicular movement. The average speeds at which drivers navigate within the city centre and beyond its limits are the highest compared to other cities in the ranking – 32 km/h and 39 km/h, respectively. This achievement underscores Lublin’s commitment to the “15-minute city” concept, ensuring essential services and destinations are easily accessible within short distances.

Lublin is also unparalleled when it comes to tire replacement costs. The average cost of replacing a 205/55 R16 tire on an aluminium rim is 33 PLN, and on a steel rim, it’s 28 PLN.

The drivers in Lublin should be satisfied with the level of parking fees which are the second-lowest among cities with over 300,000 inhabitants. The hourly parking cost is a mere 3.75 PLN. Additionally, Lublin offers some of the most affordable annual car insurance rates at 371 PLN, closely following Bydgoszcz, Kraków, and Gdańsk.

While Lublin excels in many aspects, there are areas for improvement, such as road safety, eco-driving, and Park & Ride infrastructure. The city is actively addressing these issues, with recent investments leading to a new Park & Ride facility on Grenadierów Street, offering 44 convenient parking spots. Further plans for additional Park & Ride and Kiss & Ride facilities at major entry and exit points, including those linked to the Lublin Metropolitan Station investment, are in progress. Lublin is also promoting sustainability through an increasing number of electric car charging stations. As part of this initiative, 164 publicly accessible charging points are set to be established in 82 locations across the city, covering over 2,700 square meters of land, including road lanes on public and internal roads.

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