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Lublin’s first PRS development takes off

The construction of Lublin's first Private Rented Sector (PRS) development has just started. This marks the beginning of the development of a professional rental market in our city and will significantly contribute to the revitalization of post-industrial areas. Nearly 390 rental apartments and over 20 commercial premises will be built across three blocks on Krochmalna Street in Lublin, on the former sugar factory site.

The Polish PRS market primarily operates in the forefront of major Polish cities such as Warsaw, Krakow, and the Tri-City area. Over the years, we have demonstrated that it is an attractive alternative not only for metropolitan residents. The vicinity of Krochmalna Street holds immense potential that has thus far remained untapped. Therefore, we are pleased to invest in this area and be among the first to contribute to its development. Our goal is to provide high-quality construction that meets the housing needs of the local community, ensuring comfort and access to diverse spaces and services. The construction of the new housing estate will serve as an impetus not only for the area’s growth but also for restoring its appeal to Lublin’s residents, said Wojciech Caruk, President of PFR Nieruchomości S.A.

In addition to 388 apartments, the three blocks on Krochmalna Street will accommodate over 20 commercial premises on the ground floors of the buildings. The apartment structure is dominated by 3- and 2-bedroom units, but studios and 4-bedroom units will also be available. The total usable area will exceed 21,000 square meters. Over 400 parking spaces are planned in the underground garage. The architectural and urban design of the estate is being handled by the Stelmach and Partners studio.


Lublin is experiencing dynamic growth in its northeastern part. Once an industrial district, it became somewhat neglected after the decline of production facilities. The construction of the new metropolitan station, located opposite the railway station and adjacent to the estate being developed by PFR Nieruchomości, has led to a significant increase in the potential of this area, emphasized Bolesław Stelmach, Director of the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, and owner of the architectural firm Stelmach and Partners sp. z o.o.

This will involve almost 400 apartments characterized by simple and orderly architecture, along with ground-floor amenities. Residents will have access to a well-equipped recreational space harmoniously integrated with greenery. The complex will form a coherent whole. From a compositional standpoint, the quarters will be filled with greenery, said Rafał Szmigielski, architect at Selmach and Partners sp. z o.o.

Construction work on buildings A and B began in early August, while the grounds for building C are currently being prepared and existing structures demolished. The issuance of the occupancy permit is scheduled for the end of 2025.


This is our third project carried out in cooperation with PFRN. We have simply decided to continue the partnership, which we believe is at a high level. This development is significantly larger than the previous ones and requires more effort and resources from us, but we are prepared for it, emphasizes Adam Polak, President of API Sp. z o.o.

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