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PwC elevates Lublin operations: scaling teams and office infrastructure

The employment scale at PwC companies in Lublin has already exceeded 120 people. By the end of 2025, the total number of specialists is expected to reach 300. The team is expanding with experts from the PwC Financial Crime Unit (supporting the company's clients worldwide in combating money laundering and terrorism financing) and specialists in CRM and Marketing Automation from the PwC Ctech team.

During the opening of the PwC Financial Crime Unit office in Lublin in 2019, the company announced a significant increase in the number of employees. Despite lockdowns, changes in work models, and economic slowdowns, this process is proceeding according to plan. As a result, the investor has increased office space by 250% in the current location at CZ Office Park A on Nałęczowska Street 14.

The existing employees are involved in projects in 10 countries. Additional recruitments are planned, especially for individuals with a good command of the German language. The company is continually seeking individuals interested in developing analytical skills.

Analytical work involves actively searching for and securing information from various sources, conducting in-depth analyses of complex data sets, identifying patterns of suspicious behavior, and other warning signals in the mosaic of client data. Since the inception of our office in Lublin, we have actively contributed to the local ecosystem of modern business services and IT services, says Maciej Dudkowski, Manager at PwC Poland, Financial Crime Unit, and leader of the Lublin office.

The technological team at PwC Ctech is also growing in Lublin, currently consisting of 25 people. The team includes both university graduates and experienced experts. In addition to building the Salesforce community on projects in Europe, the team is also developing Microsoft technologies and Marketing Automation. English is the predominant language in the team.

The rapid growth in the number of PwC employees demonstrates that Lublin is an excellent location for companies in the modern business services sector, with a great scientific and human capital. PwC’s decision to expand office space in Lublin is further evidence that our city is friendly to international corporations and actively supports the development of modern service sectors, adds Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

Lublin does not disappoint us. We manage to strengthen our team with a strong group of experts. The opportunity for personal development, work on international projects, a positive atmosphere, and benefits are our authentic values for new employees, says Bartłomiej Styrnik, Partner at PwC Poland, Financial Crime Unit.

Operating in Poland since 2012, the PwC Financial Crime Unit (FCU) specializes in preventing the entry of funds from illegal sources into legal circulation and combating terrorism financing (Anti-Money Laundering, AML). The Polish Financial Crime Unit is the largest PwC team of this kind globally, offering both operational and advisory support, collaborating with other teams in the global PwC network. Currently, there are over 1300 employees in all FCU offices in Poland, including Gdańsk, Lublin, and Warsaw.

PwC FCU experts analyze the risk of using banks for money laundering and terrorism financing (procedures such as Know Your Client, KYC), investigate suspicious transactions (Transaction Monitoring), monitor compliance with sanctions imposed on banks by international institutions, and identify individuals at risk of corruption, including those in exposed political positions. The FCU technology team combines expertise in combating financial crimes with technological solutions to increase the efficiency of their activities.

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