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Radom and Starachowice will cooperate with Lublin to strengthen the automotive and machinery industry

On March 19, the Mayors of Lublin, Radom, and Starachowice signed a letter of intent, the purpose of which is to establish close cooperation and to pursue joint initiatives aimed at strengthening the development of the automotive and machinery industry as a traditional economic specialisation of south-eastern Poland, dating back to the interwar period.
Signed a letter of intent

The key intention of the agreement is to stimulate the development of the automotive, machinery, and other related industries. It is aimed at improving competitiveness by increasing the level of innovation and strengthening intensive cooperation between the science and business. This cooperation assumes using the potential of the cluster ‘Lublin Automotive and Machinery Upland’ established in February this year, which mission is to create favourable conditions for the development of the industry in the region. Broad cooperation will create the possibility of synergistic connection of different sectors of industry, support activities aimed at optimisation of production processes and implementation of innovative technological and scientific solutions aimed at increasing the level of economic development.

The undertaken integration activities are to serve not only the companies from the sector, firms associated in the cluster but also local governments. From the perspective of local administration, a crucial factor is to build more extensive cooperation platforms allowing for the integration of policies, especially in the area of economic development and innovation – also in the supra-regional dimension. The construction of cooperation networks may increase the number of business entities and their innovativeness, as well as foster the supply of qualified personnel and, as a result, should contribute to the improvement of investment competitiveness of the cities, which will result in the inflow of new investments.

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