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S19-‘ Via Carpathia’ from Lublin to Lubartów

On 24 January 2018, an agreement was signed for the development of a concept of the S19 section from the Lublin bypass to the Lubartów Północ junction. The road will be built by the end of 2024.

On the basis of the signed contract, the contractor – Mosty Katowice – will prepare a full concept of road construction, including various variants of technical solutions: engineering facilities, the shape of nodes, roads to handle local traffic, footpaths and cycle paths. The contractor will also carry out geological surveys in the field and, in the end, prepare full tender documentation.

Thanks to the agreement, all sections of S19-‘ Via Carpathia’ from Lublin to the northern border of Lubelskie Voivodeship towards Białystok are already in preparation. The southern part from Lublin to Kraśnik is at the stage of the tender procedure, while the remaining section to the southern border of the voivodeship towards Rzeszów is already under construction. It is especially important for the region, as three express roads along international transit routes – S12, S17 and S19 – will form the basis of the transport network of Lubelskie Voivodeship, which central node is the City of Lublin. At the beginning of this network is the Lublin bypass and the sections of S12/S17 to Kurów and Piaski.

The construction of the S19 road in the Lublin region will provide a significant development impulse for Lublin. The city, as one of the largest and most important road nodes of the’ Via Carpathia’ route, will be a convenient place to develop the logistics and warehousing industry. It has already been noticed by the sector’s tycoons, such as Panattoni, Goodman or Raben, locating their logistics and warehousing centres in the city. The southern section of S19 in our province, planned to be built in 2021, will connect Lublin with the A4 motorway in the trans-European network of expressways and motorways. At the same time, it will reduce travel time from Lublin to Rzeszów by almost half and improve the safety of travellers and residents of towns located along the route. Also, sections from the Lublin to Piaski (completed), to Puławy (entry to service in 2018), to Kraśnik (in the tender), and to Lubartow (in preparation) will be of particular importance for transport within the Lublin agglomeration.

Photo: Map of the Road Construction Status – Lubelskie, GDDKiA

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