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SDS Optic expands global footprint with new R&D Center in Philadelphia

SDS Optic – a member of the Lublin Medicine Cluster – is commencing operations at a new R&D centre in the United States. On January 16, 2024, its subsidiary, SDS Optic Inc., signed an agreement with BioLabs Philadelphia LLC to lease office and laboratory space. BioLabs provides SDS Optic Inc. with flexible leasing terms, comprehensive equipment, and operational support services during experimental work.

The R&D centre of SDS Optic Inc. will operate in the central part of Philadelphia, right next to the historic Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution were drafted and adopted. Over the past few months, SDS Optic Inc. has completed necessary registrations with all required public and financial institutions in the USA. Citizens Bank NA, headquartered in Boston, MA, will handle corporate accounts and related services for SDS Optic Inc., while Baker Tilly US Advantage Services will provide support in accounting, taxes, payroll management, and financial reporting.

biolabs - new R & D centre

Recruitment processes are currently underway to hire research and development staff. The company has already signed an Employment Offer Letter Agreement, and on January 22, 2024, the Principal Investigator will commence work for SDS Optic USA. The employee’s responsibilities include daily coordination of the USA R&D Center’s operations and direct supervision of the team conducting research and development in molecular biology to develop further applications of the inPROBE technology.

This is an exciting moment and new opportunities for the R&D team and the entire SDS Optic company. We look forward to further developing our technology and its application in various diagnostic areas. Increasing the scientific and research potential through additional expertise brought by new members of the R&D centre in the USA will facilitate the exchange of experiences between teams on both sides of the ocean, contributing to the implementation of interesting solutions during planned research activities, stated Dr Magdalena Staniszewska, Prof. KUL – R&D Director of SDS Optic S.A.

BioLabs Philadelphia offers modern laboratories and office spaces divided into convenient and practical workstations. The entire available infrastructure guarantees comprehensive support in the ecosystem of the region’s best biotechnology companies, from individual workstations to private laboratories and rooms, as well as additional services.

SDS Optic S.A. announced the opening of the R&D centre in the United States some time ago. The new laboratory’s work will be supported by the Scientific Advisory Board, comprising distinguished scientists and doctors from Poland and the USA. The board, chaired by Dr. hab. n. med. eng. Magdalena Staniszewska, Prof. KUL, will also support the laboratory’s activities in the USA.

The Polish company is thus achieving another milestone and advancing in the commercialization process of the inPROBE technology, actively involving another American entity, Clarfield International from New York.

The company in the United States will create another solid point of contact for potential partners with the SDS Optic brand, increase the company’s credibility overseas, and facilitate establishing relationships with large corporations on-site. Placing our laboratory right next to Independence Hall, where the United States as we know it today was essentially created, is also very meaningful for us, and we are very optimistic about the development of SDS Optic in the USA, says Mateusz Sagan, Chief Operating & Business Office rat SDS Optic S.A.

SDS Optic team

About the company

The company aims to consolidate selected innovative scientific projects related to the use of photonic and optoelectronic solutions in medicine (as a medtech-bio powerhouse). The company’s key technology is inPROBE®, a micrometric fibre optic biosensor that, combined with elements of molecular biology, chemistry, and medical bioengineering, forms an innovative microprobe capable of performing biological measurements in living tissue in a patient’s body (in vivo testing) with very high sensitivity (picograms/ml – pg/ml) and specificity.

InProbe Device

The company’s vision is to contribute to a 30% increase in cancer and chronic disease survival rates by 2030 and co-create the future of breakthrough medical technologies. The company’s motto is “Lifesaving Innovations.” Since March 2022, SDS Optic S.A. has been listed on the NewConnect market. Since its inception, the startup has secured over PLN 60 million in funding for technology development. In October 2023, the company signed an agreement with the European Investment Bank for venture debt financing of up to EUR 10 million. Diversified sources of funding ensure the safety of development and stable work on the commercialization of inPROBE®.


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