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Self-service car wash that saves water and energy. A new idea of the scientists from the Lublin University of Technology.

Researchers from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (Department of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Aviation Propulsion Systems) are working on the concept of a self-service car wash with a compact system for recovering and saving water and energy. The project's funding comes from the National Center for Research and Development – it will last 2.5 years and cost nearly PLN 4.4 million.
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A year ago, the company named “Tixewash Poland” turned to us for help in solving the problem of high water and energy consumption in self-service car washes. The main operating costs for such car washes are water, sewage and electricity. Due to the fact that over 70% of vehicle owners use self-service car washes, the costs are significant. In addition, 100% of the sewage is discharged to the sewage system – says Dr. Eng. Michał Gęca from the Department of Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Aviation Propulsion Systems, the manager of the project.

Thanks to the idea of the scientists from the Lublin University of Technology, a new self-service car wash will appear on the market, with less electricity and water consumption and with the use of sewage (recuperation). The application of an innovative technology of wastewater treatment will allow for the recovery of water from sewage and its reuse in individual washing cycles. The use of the recovered and pre-heated water will also reduce energy requirements.

This technology has not yet been used in the treatment of wastewater from self-service car washes. Its advantages are the following: small space and increased energy efficiency compared to solutions used in automatic car washes. We will also develop an anti-freeze system, a system of flexible cables and lances as well as a diagnostic system – summarizes Dr. Eng. Michał Gęca.

The scientists will finally create a full-size car wash prototype which will appear in the offer of Tixewash Poland. Subsequently, the company is planning to sell the innovative self-service TixECO car washes.

Congratulations on your success and we keep our fingers crossed for further groundbreaking achievements!


Source: Lublin University of Technology

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