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The company “Laboratoria Natury” has opened a new factory in Lublin

Laboratoria Natury, a company operating on the international pharmaceutical market has officially opened its new manufacturing plant of 7 thousand sq. m. All technological lines in the pharmaceutical standard have already been launched including an innovative line for production of dietary supplements in chocolate forms. The event coincides with the 10th anniversary of the inclusion of the company into structures of the International Maabarot Products Ltd. group

The new factory, located in the special economic zone at Jozef Franczak “Lalka” St. , is equipped with innovative lines for the production of syrups, drops, and chocolate products. Currently, 85 people work at the facility but the moment the production reaches its full capacity it will be possible to hire more than 100 employees. In addition to the production halls, there are also: a space for R&D works, a specialized factory, offices and a high-bay warehouse. The building was built two years ago, but only from today we can talk about the full launch of production. Despite the global pandemic, in recent months all necessary production trials, implementation studies and the so-called stability tests were successfully completed.

Today Laboratoria Natury develops and manufactures (as a contract manufacturer, i.e. commissioned by other entities) several categories of products including syrups for children and adults, drops, fish oils, tonics, functional drinks and pectin jelly-beans. The company specializes in developing clean label products, which means that these products do not contain any preservatives, artificial colours and flavours.

The thing that distinguishes the Lublin company is creation in the new plant a special zone for the production of LLP (Long Life Probiotics) containing live bacteria cultures. The production has been designed in such a way as to limit the negative influence of external factors (humidity and temperature) on the quality of probiotic products. Thanks to the use of innovative technology, the products from the new plant are characterized by a 24-month period of keeping the declared content of probiotics. Only selected probiotic strains with documented origin and physiological effects confirmed in scientific studies are used in the production of LLP Probites and LLP Probidrops.

Just a few years ago, Laboratoria Natury  was operating, occupying two small buildings in Lublin at Rapackiego Street and Zawieprzycka Street.  At that time the main products manufactured by the plant were herbal syrups and juices. The breakthrough in the company’s development was in 2011 when the Israeli investor Maabarrot Products Ltd joined the company. The holding currently includes six companies: Altman Heath, Biopet, Halavit, Anlit, Laboratoria Natury (Poland), Algaria (France) and Biopet (Turkey) which altogether employ over 500 people and generates a total turnover of over 150 million euros per year. Maabarots for over 60 years has specialized in the field of child nutrition technology, the production of healthy food and dietary supplements. Therefore, the entry of Nature Laboratories into Maabarots resulted in both capital support, but also the provision of Israeli ‘know-how’.

The extended plant allow for further development of the company and strengthens its position on the market. The larger area, new laboratory and specialized machines give the opportunity to produce internationally unique products that could not be manufactured in the previous location including: child- friendly probiotics in liquid as well as sugar-free chocolates forms. I am glad that Lublin is the place we can continue to develop since both the city and its representatives create a very good atmosphere for business – emphasized Sylwia Tandejko, President of the Management Board of the company.

The new manufacturing plant opens up new possibilities- said Efrat Gilat, president of Maabarot Products Ltd. – At this stage we want to constantly expand the scope of our production and increase the number of satisfied customers. We are already exporting products from Lublin to the markets of the entire European Union, the Middle East, including Israel, Asia Pacific, the United States and Africa. The company, however, is planning to continue the expansion on foreign markets, and the construction of the plant should enable it. added Efrat Gilat.

The Maabarot investment in Poland is not only one of the sales and logistics points in the European Union, but a key branch responsible for research and development and the production of innovative products.

Dietary supplements in the unique form of probiotic chocolates, produced in a pharmaceutical standard, are gaining more and more popularity, which is visible in dynamic and continuous increase in sales of the probiotic category in the world. According to a report published by Euromonitor, the global sales of probiotic supplements amounted to USD 5.7 billion in 2018. According to forecasts, this category will continue to grow at a rate of approximately 12% annually and in 2022 will reach USD 8.5 billion. The investment in Lublin is therefore Maabarot’s response to the constantly growing global demand for probiotic supplements.

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