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The only such conference on International Students’ Integration

Overseas guests from Island, Germany, Netherlands and United States as well as city and university representatives from Gdańsk, Poznań, Wrocław, Bydgoszcz, Kraków, Warszawa and Białystok will take part in the upcoming Integrating International Students conference.

– We will be working on the topic of international students’ integration not only in the local environment of Lublin but also in the whole Poland. I hope that the lectures delivered by the overseas guests will inspire us to become more active in our city – said Wiktoria Herun, coordinator of the Study in Lublin programme from the Department of Strategy and Investor Assistance of the Lublin City Office. – More than 90 people from outside Lublin have already registered. The conference was supposed to host 100 people. However, we can already observe that we will have to increase the number of participants up to 150. Moreover, among the registered, there are also 20 students (15 of them are international ones). We are very glad about it. Personally, I am awaiting a speech of the Deputy Director – Professor Joanna Regulska from the University of California – who will share her experience on how the process of internationalisation of universities and cities looks like in the United States. It will be also the time for presenting Open University, a great example straight from our Lublin region – adds Herun.

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