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The portal “We lean on professionals” awarded in a national competition

The portal "We lean on professionals" created by the City of Lublin has received the first prize in the second edition of the national competition ‘Innovative Local Government’ in the Big Cities category. The project of the City of Lublin was one among 400 projects submitted to the competition.
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The portal available at provides benefits to all parties in the vocational education process. For both vocational schools and employers, it is a useful tool that allows to quickly establish online contact and develop cooperation. Employers have a chance to receive through it knowledge about the offer, resources and activities of vocational schools run by the City of Lublin, as well as transparent information about qualifications and skills that are acquired in individual professions. It gives students and employers the opportunity to search for and receive offers of internships, trainings or potential job offers. Collecting a comprehensive offer of vocational schools run by the City of Lublin in one place enables primary school students to choose a further educational path. The platform is adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.

– Launching the website “Lublin leans on professionals” is a direct response to the needs of local employers, and at the same time, an enhancement of the component of technical education in the city of Lublin. It is a tool that not only facilitates the association of employers with potential employees, but also facilitates the process of establishing cooperation between the company and the school. In addition, thanks to the extensive descriptions of schools and professions, the website also promotes technical education and makes it easier for candidates to make conscious choices regarding their future. – Igor Niewiadomski, co-author of the website, Investor Relations Office of the City of Lublin.

The organizer of the Innovative Self-Government competition is the PAP (Self-Government Service). The competition aims to promote creative local governments and inspire other local government units to implement innovative and creative solutions. The competition is conducted in five categories: rural communes, urban-rural communes, urban communes, large cities (over 200,000 inhabitants) and poviats. The descriptions of projects implemented by local governments sent to the competition are assessed in terms of innovation on a national scale and the achieved results

The results of this year’s competition were announced during a ceremonial online gala. This year, the editorial office of the PAP (Self-Government Service) has received 396 descriptions of innovative activities undertaken by local governments of communes and poviats. In each category, prizes were awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. 54 projects were submitted in the Big Cities category, in which the platform created by competitors from Lublin ‘We lean on professionals’ won. The platform ‘We lean on professionals’ was created as part of the project “Lublin leans on professionals” co-financed by the European Social Fund from the funds of the Regional Operational Program of the Lublin Voivodeship on years 2014-2020.

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