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Lublin’s Airport celebrates its 10th anniversary

It was 10 years ago, on December 17, 2012, that the first scheduled passenger plane landed on the tarmac of the Lublin’s Airport. Since then, over 2,800,000 passengers have used its services and nearly 37,000 air operations have been performed. This round anniversary was celebrated on December 12, 2022, during a festive Jubilee Gala with the presence of all the people who contributed to the creation of the airport and those who support its functioning.
Lublin Airport

The Lublin’s Airport is one of the biggest impulses that affects the economic development of our region. The airport opened opportunities for many manufacturing and trading companies in the voivodeship and significantly influenced the development of tourism. Passenger transport is the most crucial component of airport activities, but in recent years we can also observe the growing importance of the cargo department. As a response to that we are planning new investments in this area, including the construction of a modern terminal building for handling cargo and mail operations, along with the necessary supporting infrastructure, says Krzysztof Żuk, Mayor of Lublin.

For a decade the Lublin’s Airport has been consistently working on building a connection network, meeting the needs of the city and the entire region, both for tourist, work and business purposes. Currently, there are regular flights to Gdansk, London, Eindhoven, Oslo, and Dublin. In addition, the airport successively expands its holiday offer. In the upcoming year, the region’s residents can fly to Rhodes, Antalya, Burgas and Split. During its 10 years of operation, there were also available flights to Rome, Stockholm, Glasgow, Tel Aviv, Munich and Frankfurt. The plan for 2022 was to serve 330,000 passengers, and it seems that this goal will be achieved. As for the next year, it is expected that the number will reach 400,000 travellers. On average, the port checks in 30,000 people per month, though August turned out to be record-breaking for the Lublin’s Airport and served nearly 50,000 people.

Undoubtedly, the existence of the Lublin’s Airport has eliminated one of the main communication barriers we faced for years. It was difficult to get to the Lublin region quickly, to fly here for tourist and work purposes or to arrange a business meeting. Without this transportation accessibility, it was hard to talk about the dynamic development of the region. Thanks to the airport, this has changed, and it certainly proves that we have used these ten years well, says Andrzej Hawryluk, President of the Lublin’s Airport.

The pandemic times, when the number of travelling people dropped significantly pushed the airport authorities to look for additional sources of income that are independent of passengers and will support the port’s statutory operations. As a result, at the beginning of 2021, the airport launched a cargo service and since then it is consistently investing in this area. As Andrzej Hawryluk claims, the airport has just recently signed a contract with a company that will build new warehouses in the cargo terminal.

The airport also plans to build new hangars for private jets, as these become increasingly popular in Poland and will generate an additional source of income.

When we will finish the construction of the general aviation hangar, the airport will start to bring even more revenue. The same goes for cargo services. Ultimately, we plan to handle three large A330 class aircraft a day. The infrastructure of the airport will not allow us to do more, because we would have to spend millions on adjusting it to have larger aprons or a taxiway. We are not saying no, but these are investment plans for the years to come, announces the president of the Lublin’s Airport.

As we can observe the airport’s development plans look promising, and even though our airport cannot compete with the large ones like Cracow, Gdansk, or Katowice, within the last 10 years has managed to significantly mark its presence in the aviation market.

The quality of our services, convenient connections and new destinations, such as the recently announced flight connection to Milan, as well as new segments, the growing cargo market or the service of business aircraft, will bring a lot of satisfaction and contentment to shareholders and, above all, to passengers, adds Mr. Hawryluk.

The shareholders of the Lublin’s Airport are local government units: Lublin Province, Lublin Municipality, Świdnik Municipality, and Świdnik District in Świdnik.

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