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UMCS and Billennium join forces to curtail cancer mortality rates

Billennium, a company specializing in the development and implementation of new IT products and solutions, teams up with Maria Curie-Skłodowska University to carry out an innovative R&D project aimed at creating a system for early diagnosis of brain tumours.

The diagnostic system will use modern imaging techniques and deep learning to better adapt a treatment method to the needs of a specific patient and increase the survival rate of those suffering from a brain tumour.

I would like to congratulate both Billennium and UMCS on their collaboration. The project they will carry out together has a wide social spectrum and may bring tangible benefits to oncological patients in Poland, and hopefully globally. At the same time this is a perfect example of an effective cooperation between business and science aimed at developing innovative solutions and creating added value for society and economy. In Lublin, we create proper conditions to facilitate such collaboration. Billennium, with its global presence, has decided to further expand its biggest office in Lublin, and at the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University the company has found the right team of scientists and researchers. It is clear argument which proves that business – university collaboration within the Lublin IT Upland is reality. The rapid development of the local IT sector makes more and more investors select Lublin for their further growth, at the same time creating new jobs for Lublin’s citizens, says Mayor of Lublin Krzysztof Żuk.

Billennium chose to implement its R&D project in Lublin because of the potential of the local market, city’s educational and academic capabilities and the possibilities created by the Lublin IT Upland as a platform for cooperation between universities and businesses. The key role in the project is played by employees of the Institute of Computer Science of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

Billennium already plans new investments and employment of new specialists in Lublin. We want to invest both in science through research projects, as well as in the development of the city. As part of our collaboration with UMCS, we wish to support radiologists, surgeons, and especially patients in their fight against brain tumoursThe latest technology and skills of our professionals allow to conduct research aimed at detecting a tumour in its early stages and to effectively identify its symptoms. Our common goal is to create a system which will use deep learning to diagnose brain tumours based on medical imaging generated by MRI and computed tomography. All of this to better adapt treatment and increase the early detection ratesexplains CEO of Billennium Bartosz Łopiński.

Technically, the partners will develop a model for analyzing images using artificial intelligence. This model will include an AI algorithm developed specifically for the purposes of the project in a form of a source code and a description of solutions of both moderate and severe cases, detailed screening analysis and complete documentation of works to be carried out within the project, as well as tests to confirm the effectiveness of the developed model. The tasks included in the project schedule, i.e. creating a tool for image labeling, labeling the input data and its analysis, treatment algorithms, data optimization and drawing up a report will be all related to cancerous lesions in brain. Currently, developmental works are carried out to create tools to label images and manage databases of those images.

Delivering high quality of research and experimental services and effective support of businesses demonstrate the great potential of our academic staff. For years UMCS has been working with social and business partners on research works, as well as commercialization of knowledge, and the collaboration between the personnel of the Institute of Computer Sciences of UMCS with Billennium is a perfect example of this experience. I’m really proud that researchers from our Alma Mater together with the company focus on such an important and needed topic to come up with an innovation solution which will help better diagnose cancerous lesions in brain – underlines Prof. Stanisław Michałowski, Rector of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University.

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