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Ursus Bus won the biggest electric bus tender in Europe

Ursus Bus won the tender for the supply of fully electric low-floor buses to Zielona Góra. The primary scope of the contract worth PLN 96.5 million covers the delivery of 47 new factory-built 12-meter city buses. Deliveries are to be made in 2018.

On October 10, 2017, Ursus Bus’ offer was announced selected in the biggest tender in Europe for the delivery of electric buses. The first delivery date is scheduled for July 1, 2018. Deliveries should take place until November 30, 2018.

The Ursus City Smile, which will be delivered to Zielona Góra, is an entirely electric, modern, 12 m urban bus powered by pure electricity. Unlike diesel or hybrid vehicles – which also feature a small diesel engine – the Ursus electro bus is completely zero-emission. This means that it does not emit any exhaust to the atmosphere, so it is neutral to the environment. Also, when starting from the stop, it produces four times less noise than diesel and hybrid buses.

– The problems of smog in the cities force local governments to look for solutions that will able to significantly reduce the negative impact of public transport on the environment. One of them is a zero-emission public transport. That’s why we are pleased to see that 47 electric Ursus City Smile buses that do not emit exhaust gases will be able to ride the streets of Zielona Góra – says Tomasz Nita, President of Ursus Bus S.A.

Ursus Bus S.A. has been actively investing in electromobility, one of the fastest growing segments of public transport for a long time. In June this year, the company set up a consortium “Polish E-BUS”. The initiative aims to create a project of a new, next-generation Polish electric bus for public transport. At present, Ursus Bus also offers alternative third generation buses that have an electric motor with hydrogen fuel cells. The premier model was first presented to the public in March this year.

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