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New Business Centre of Lublin

Lublin shows new investment opportunities that are opening up in the new business centre of the city. On the areas around the planned Integrated Metropolitan Transportation Station, Lublin Trade Fair, and modern sports infrastructure, attractive areas for office, commercial, residential, and hotel development have been made available.

To fully experience the New Business Centre of Lublin investment offer using Augmented Reality, please print the area map and use on it the special application for Android and iOS.

Behind sugar factory

The ‘Za Cukrownią’ (Behind the Sugar Plant) district of Lublin had residential and industrial character. There were located the Sugar Plant, Candy Factory, Spirits Manufacturing Factory, Potato Processing Plant, Shoe Manufacturing Factory and many smaller businesses. Residential areas were located north of the Main Railway Station and south of the Sugar Plant.

'Arena Lublin' football stadium

With the decision of locating ‘Arena Lublin’ football stadium in the district, the complex development plan was started. Now, with the new Local Spatial Development Plan, new investment opportunities that are opening up in the soon-to-be new business centre of the city. Its centre will be the state-of-the-art Integrated Metropolitan Transportation Centre consisting of railway and bus stations and urban transport hub. On the area around will be filled with high-class office and residential buildings, making the district a perfect place for modern business services. Moreover, the whole area next to the Bystrzyca river will become the sports and recreation centre with three sports stadiums, swimming pools complex, parks, and other suitable infrastructure. Last but not least, the Lublin Trade Fair located in the heart of the district, will bring here next thousands of people, creating perfect conditions for commercial development and hospitality.


See the map of our vision of the New Business Centre of Lublin, check key locations and download attached investment offers:

  1. Superior Class Hotel [Investment offer]
  2. Tall Office Buildings [Investment offer]
  3. Apartment Quarter [Investment offer]
  4. Office Buildings [Investment offer]
  5. Old Sugar Factory [Investment offer]
  6. Sports & Leisure Grounds [Investment offer]
  7. Integrated Metropolitan Transportation Centre
  8. New Court Building
  9. Creative Office and Housing Area [Investment offer]


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